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Here we are at the end of 2013, where does the time go? The last few years have been a time of uncertainty. No more. I came through the latter part of 2013 working on being disciplined. It has been working and now it is time for something new (although very much related).

I declare that 2014 will be my year of transformation! I envision a year full of wonderful, endless possibilities - opportunities that will enable me to transform my life. Won’t you join me?

I believe we need an urbanism tag because while tumblr has a fantastic community for discussing social justice and equity, the reflection of these issues in our physical surroundings is often left out or not fully realized.

I think it is a good start (#urbanism), but leaves out a dwindling segment of the population - our rural brothers and sisters struggling to make a living out of the ever growing corporate agricultural landscape. The ideals of urbanism in some sense extend far beyond the city limits.

Tumblr user billyruffian eloquently describes why he supports our campaign to make #urbanism a featured tag and central location for the very best of urban content and discussion. 

Do you have thoughts on the crossover between social justice and the built environment? Seen any great content from around the web that addresses equity and the city? If so then share it with #urbanism! Let’s build an online space for curating ideas about how to build better cities and more equitable communities. 

(via thisbigcity)

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